5 things to think about when choosing a newborn photographer

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You are a proud parent to be and have been thinking about booking a newborn photographer to capture your baby’s first portraits. But to put it bluntly it’s a minefield. Add ‘newborn photographer’ into google and you’ll see there are a lot options! So how do you choose? I mean this is going to be the person who is going to capture all your baby’s first portraits, tiny details and well just gorgeous newness!

Here are few things to look at when choosing which photographer is right for you…

1. Recommendations and reviews

If you speak to friends or colleagues they will happily tell you who took their little ones first pictures and how much they love them. Or sadly in some cases don’t. Ask to see some of their baby’s photos so you can see if their gallery matches the quality on the photographers website/social media. They will often be local to you (although I do get people travel up to an hour to my little studio so thats not 100% essential) and give you a starting point for your research.

Don’t have many momma friends? Google reviews from actual paying clients are always useful and can be very insightful into the experience that previous clients have had. Facebook also has the recommendations tab on a business page which is much the same.

Click here GOOGLE REVIEWS to browse through some of my clients experiences.

2. Style

Do you like their style? Each newborn photographer is very different and generally has a style which they tend to stick too. Some photographers pose babies while others offer lifestyle sessions for example.

I always go through the same set which is wrapped in props, posed in the little sleepy poses on my posing bed and then outfit in prop/bucket and family images. This can be seen in my portfolio and explained in my client guide. My sessions are baby led and if they are unhappy in certain positions or poses I adapt the session to fit baby. When looking at other photographers portfolio’s you should be able to see some consistency.

Think, do i like the colours used, the poses baby is in and props available? I wouldn’t book a photographer and then ask for something completely different that I haven’t seen in their portfolio. Although they might try new things out you don’t know how that will turn out on the day or they might just say no.

Imagine their images up in your home, would you be happy?

3. Safety and experience

You’ve probably researched the safest car seat and bought the latest baby monitor. The same thought should go into who is going to be handling your precious new baby in the first few days or weeks of their lives.

Have they had any training in safely handling newborns, especially if you are booking a photographer that poses them. They will be manoeuvring the baby into different positions or even props and you want to know that this is being done in a manner that will not hurt baby in anyway but also with care. This information is often found on photographer’s websites.

Some images to be done safely such as the ‘froggy’ pose need to be taken as two images and put together in photoshop (called a composite image). I myself don’t offer that particular pose, even though I had training to do it. I decided that it just doesn’t look natural to me, but that is just my personal preference. I do however use parents hands to support baby’s head in certain positions and props. Such as the little armchair, I then edit hands out in photoshop, example below.

Experience as a photographer and with handling babies are both things you should consider. Every baby is so different, can they adapt the session to still get beautiful images when baby doesn’t like poses, has reflux or is even just a fussy baby! Photographers consistent work will show experience with good lighting, camera settings, flattering angles.

4. Budget

This will always be a factor in who you book. You always want the best you can afford with anything we buy especially something this important. The cost for newborn portraiture can vary greatly. Some things to take into consideration is session duration, detail in editing (this takes time), the photographer’s experience, their level of training, and equipment/props used by that photographer.

Photographers use lots of different models for pricing but the two main pricing structures used are all inclusive packages where you get a set collection or package for a set price or in person sales where you are invited back to view the images and sold digital collections or wall art.

Make sure to look through price lists and understand what final products will be delivered and how. You don’t want the shock of paying a small session fee and then realising in a reveal appointment that the final images are way more expensive than you can afford.

5. Finished product

Do you want hi resolution digital images to print and share as you wish? Or would you prefer a couple of stunning pieces of wall art to put up in your home?

I offer both with your chosen collections including a set amount of digitals/prints delivered via online gallery and then you can add additional wall art, prints or gifts if you choose to.

Some photographers don’t offer digitals at all or only if you buy the wall art and then they are small files to share. It very much depends on how you want to display your images as to which option is best for you. For me, as a mom myself, I always want to know straight up how much something is going to be without hidden costs. So that is how my collections are priced what you see is what you get!

I hope this has helped you in your search and if you like my work get in touch! I’d love to document a little part of your new babies story

You can check out my pricing HERE and email enquiries@sugarplumphotography.co.uk for a client guide or if you have any other questions!

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